Hardworking Filipinos lost their jobs. Let’s help them survive as they stay home.

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Over 1 million Filipinos lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Most of them are minimum-wage earners or breadwinners who are now required to stay home without any income to feed their families.

If some are forced to go out to look for food, we all lose. We need to help each other stay at home so we can all get this over with.

The Rice Movement is an initiative to provide assistance to these hardworking families with support from the community. We are raising funds to buy rice for them to help them survive staying at home at this challenging time.

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As of 11 May, 2020
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“Ni fill up ko ug wala lang ko mo assume kung unsay makuha nako, kay wala man sad silay gisaad nga ihatag…nanawag kalit nako gabii asa daw ko puyo kay naa daw sila ihatag nako karong hapon, so wala lang gihapon mo assume ug nanawag gyud pag hapon ontime kayo sa ilang saad nga time, gitagaan kog 25kgs rice premium ganador, gihatud gyud nila sa akong lugar, na speechless ko uy, d ma drawing akong nawong sa ka grateful nila, ug diha rako kabalo nga ang name nila #thericemovement #togetherwewillrice a non profit organization, God is Good All the Time”


Displaced Technician and Habal-habal Driver